If you have a Jack Russell puppy, or are looking to adopt or rescue one, you might be wondering how difficult it will be to potty train them. Jack Russells are intelligent dogs, but it will take some determination. But don’t despair, we are here to teach you how to potty train a Jack Russell puppy. Just read over our easy to follow instructions below.  So, how do you potty train your Jack Russell puppy?

How To Potty Train My Jack Russell Terrier Puppy | Dog Advisor HQ
How To Potty Train My Jack Russell Terrier Puppy | Dog Advisor HQ

In my experience, patience is key. Also, you must stick to a strict routine to encourage your Jack Russell puppy to become familiar with the process. Jack Russell terriers are extremely smart dogs, but other instinctual factors can get in the way if you fail to keep your Jack Russell focused on the task at hand.

Are Jack Russells Easy To Potty Train?

Jack Russells are not as difficult to potty train as many other dogs. However, their personality can pose challenges if you do not stay determined in teaching them where to use the bathroom. Jack Russells love to please their owners, which is an important aspect to note. Ideally, they may be just as ready to learn how to potty train as you are to teach them.

With that said, your Jack Russell puppy will first have to realize that their successful potty training is a good thing, which is why you must make sure to reward them during potty training.

I kept a bag of treats with me every time my Jack Russell puppy went to the bathroom outside. Upon pottying, I gave a treat and even slipped a few more to him to encourage good behavior.

Jack Russells are typically easy to potty train because of their intelligence and willingness to please. They are working dogs, which helps their determination to complete a task. However, one of the troubles of potty training a Jack Russell puppy can arise if they become too easily distracted with another “mission” while outside. The main things to be wary of are squirrels and other dogs.

It took my Jack Russell puppy less than three weeks for me to have confidence in his potty training abilities. Although accidental slip-ups did happen, as you will see below, you have to make sure not to scold.

How Do I Stop My Jack Russell From Peeing In The House?

Even after having seeing consistent results with my Jack Russell, he went to the bathroom a few more times in the house. I did not punish him for doing so because I understood that he was still learning. It is okay if your Jack Russell’s potty training skills are not perfect at first. In fact, it is not expected. Keep in mind that a Jack Russell puppy is just that: a puppy. Just with any other puppy, it can take time to teach potty training, which is why your determination is just as important as theirs.

One of the main reasons your Jack Russell puppy might still be peeing in the house after potty training could be due to your not letting them out early enough. Even adult Jack Russells are small, which means that they have smaller bladders than most other dogs. So, you will need to let your Jack Russell out to use the bathroom much more often than larger breeds.

Another reason your Jack Russell puppy will pee in the house could be from excitement. Just as Jack Russells are easily motivated to please their owners, they can get overly excited about other things: for instance, when kids come into my house and rile my Jack Russell up.

He may not have even known he was peeing on the floor, but at such a young age, it is more difficult for dogs to control their bladders.

If your Jack Russell seems easily excitable, you can try adding behavioral training into your potty training sessions. Try teaching them to keep calm around strangers and guests. In some cases, you might consider reaching out for professional help regarding the behavioral training of your Jack Russell.

How To Potty Train Your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy | How to Potty Train a Jack Russell puppy | Dog Advisor HQ | https://dogadvisorhq.com
How To Potty Train Your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy | Dog Advisor HQ | https://dogadvisorhq.com

How to Potty Train a Jack Russell Puppy

How do you potty train your Jack Russell puppy? With measured patience and steadfast commitment. Although it may sound like a cliche, these factors are so important, especially for a Jack Russell. You need to show them that you are just as excited about their potty training success as they are excited to please you.

Below are steps to consider before and during the potty training process of your Jack Russell puppy. By following these steps, my Jack Russell found timely and proper success in his potty training. As has already been said, you must make sure to keep your Jack Russell motivated to please you for potty training. As odd as it might sound, try your best to make potty training a fun adventure. Initial excitement will help your Jack Russell in the long run.

Learn Their Instinctive Behaviors

Before diving into potty training, it is important that you learn about the instinctual behaviors of your Jack Russell puppy.

First of all, Jack Russells are full of energy, and any distraction can send them running off, be it a squirrel, another dog, or something else. In some cases, your Jack Russell’s energy might even cause it to seem aggressive.

Later, you will see how behavioral training could benefit your Jack Russell’s potty training. For now, just know that your Jack Russell puppy needs its fair share of physical activity to keep its body and mind healthy. The more active you allow it to be, the more inclined your Jack Russell might be to please you with successful potty training.

Be Patient With their Energy

After recognizing your Jack Russell’s energy levels, you must work with that. Chances are that you did not buy a Jack Russell without knowing how active of a dog it is, so this may not be a problem. Still, especially early on, distractions outside while potty training your Jack Russell can cause disruptions in the process.

It is best to find an equilibrium between letting your Jack Russell run around your backyard and potty training them. If at all possible, make sure no squirrels are hopping around nearby trees before taking your Jack Russell puppy out to train. Similarly, wait until your neighbor’s dog is inside or has its own distraction before taking your Jack Russell puppy out.

Have The Treats Ready

Make sure you get treats before you start the potty training process. I make sure to always keep my Jack Russell’s treats handy around my house. Yes, even rewarding them as an adult after going to the bathroom is perfectly acceptable.

Whether your Jack Russell puppy already has a favorite treat or not is not entirely important. In fact, you could even get by with a few pieces of the food you feed them every day. Anything safe for your Jack Russell to consume should work just fine with potty training.

Keep Track Of Meals

While you potty train your Jack Russell puppy, one of the – if not the single – most important things you need to do is keep track of when your Jack Russell eats and drinks water. I feed my Jack Russell in the morning so that he can have the nourishment he needs to relieve all of his energy throughout the day. In the evening, I might give him a smaller portion, especially if he has been particularly active that day.

Keeping track of your Jack Russell’s meals and drinking times allows you to schedule when they need to be taken outside for a bathroom break. You should take your Jack Russell out first thing in the morning. This could be before or after they eat; it does not necessarily matter. Still, they will need to go out shortly after eating, especially when they drink water with their meal.

Identify a Potty Training Spot

When you begin potty training your Jack Russell, you should choose a specific spot in your yard to try most of the training. This not only gives your Jack Russell a familiar place to do their business but also allows them to mark their territory, which can add to their comfortability of going to the bathroom outside.

Especially if you have a larger yard, allocating one particular spot for your Jack Russell can help keep your yard cleaner. Still, the main idea is to provide a comfortable space for your Jack Russell to use the bathroom. It might be easier to keep your Jack Russell’s toys in one part of your yard while marking off the other half as the potty training station.

Wait Outside, But Keep Your Distance

Jack Russells are more independent than you might think. During their potty training, it is important to stick with them. However, let them have their space. Again, it is all about finding equilibrium. If you have had a dog before, depending on its breed, you might notice that it looks at you while going to the bathroom. This is a sign of trust; in a way, the dog is letting you know that while they go to the bathroom, they trust that you will protect them if something were to come around.

In most cases, your Jack Russell may not be this type of dog. The reassurance that you are there can actually be distracting. So, go about the potty training strictly, but do not crowd your Jack Russell while they are sniffing around for a place to relieve themselves. Most importantly, do not talk to them or begin rewarding them while they are still going to the bathroom. A Jack Russell puppy might get too excited and run to your instead of finishing their business.

Reward Upon Success

When you take your Jack Russell puppy out, and it goes to the bathroom, have your treats nearby to reward them immediately upon completion. An immediate response to their successful potty training is the best way to continually reassure them that what they are doing is the right thing. As a result, they will learn that outside is the palace to go to the bathroom.

Over time, this can also help teach your Jack Russell how to control their bladder. If they know they get a treat when they go outside but are used to scolding – which is not encouraged – when peeing or pooping inside, they will begin holding their bladder until they can get outside. That is not to suggest that you only take your Jack Russell out at your convenience, however. As mentioned, their small bladders will require regular and frequent trips outside.

Try The Clicker Method

If you are trying your hardest to potty train your Jack Russell puppy and are not seeing results, you might consider the clicker method. This age-old method can be very useful:

  • Get a simple clicker.
  • After your Jack Russell goes to the bathroom outside, push the clicker so that it makes noise
  • Then give your Jack Russell a treat.

Even after a week or two, your Jack Russell will likely realize that going to the bathroom results in a click, which later leads to a treat.

Thus, as a working dog, your Jack Russell will both know what to do to come out successful in their “mission” while also knowing that it pleases you, their owner. With that said, make sure that giving your Jack Russell a treat after the click also comes with plenty of praise from you. Since Jack Russells love pleasing their owners, they will be more inclined to go to the bathroom “for you.”

Crate Temporarily

In the earlier weeks of potty training, it might be a good idea to keep your Jack Russell’s crate nearby. Of course, you should never leave your puppy alone for too long, but temporarily keeping them in their crate can be helpful. Even if you are in the room with them to give them reassurance when needed, putting your Jack Russell in their crate can prevent them from roaming your home and using the bathroom somewhere else.

Something that you might not know about dogs is that they tend to steer clear from going to the bathroom in their crate. After your Jack Russell has been made familiar with their crate as a place to sleep, relax, etc., they are less likely to spoil it. Ironically, they are not aware that peeing on your couch is to you the same thing as peeing in their bed. When I potty trained my Jack Russell, I would occasionally put him in his crate while I stayed in the same room as him and did something else. This way, he would know that I was there, not punishing him.

Timely Repetition Is Key

You have to make sure that you take your Jack Russell puppy outside to use the bathroom consistently throughout the day. For them to understand better that their going to the bathroom outside pleases you, it is best to go outside with them every time and reward and praise them upon potty-ing successfully.

The more strict you are about staying on schedule, the quicker your Jack Russell puppy will learn how to hold its bladder an appropriate amount of time before having an accident inside.

Try Behavioral Training

If you try all of the steps above and are still seeing sub-par results, you might consider getting a professional trainer to help you. However, this should be a last resort. If you look for a professional trainer out of laziness or improper potty training techniques, you are going about it the wrong way.

Your Jack Russell deserves the mental stimulation it needs daily. Consistent potty training is one of the best things you can initiate during their early life to help develop your Jack Russell’s physical and mental abilities.


Potty training a Jack Russell puppy can be challenging, but not entirely difficult. Their natural behavioral instincts can be one of the biggest obstacles during potty training. For best results when potty training your Jack Russell, make sure your yard is void of distractions. Consistent repetition, rewarding, and praise is key for teaching your Jack Russell puppy how to use the bathroom outside. Good Luck!







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