If you’ve ever seen a Bernese Mountain Dog before, you’d know that they are an absolutely massive breed frequently listed in the top twenty largest dog breeds in existence. A common assumption people make about large breeds is that they are excellent guard dogs and very protective of their owners. So, do Bernese Mountain Dogs protect their Owners?

Yes, Bernese Mountain Dogs protect their owners and families. Bernese Mountain Dogs are a loyal breed that was originally bred as livestock guardians and watchdogs on farms. They soon became effective protectors of many types of property. Bernese Mountain Dogs have high protective instincts of both people and property, and will alert their owners to suspicious activity, making them ideal watchdogs.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the temperament and personality traits of a Bernese Mountain Dog that makes this breed exceptional at protecting its owners and family. You’ll also learn if these instincts translate into problems with aggression.

A Little About the Bernese Mountain Dog’s History, Personality and Demeanor

Bernese Mountain Dogs have been around since ancient times but only recently became popular as family pets due to their amazing personalities and devotion to their owners. Their intelligence combined with their natural guarding instinct make them ideal guardians in any situation. They are very easy going when not protecting their loved ones and are incredibly affectionate with everyone they meet.

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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Guard Dogs?

If you live in a region where crime is uncommonly high or if you know you feel safer living with a dog that will protect you, you’re probably searching online for the top guard dog breeds. Considering their sheer size, we don’t blame you for assuming Bernese Mountain Dogs would be on this list, but the reality is that this isn’t the form of protection where this breed excels.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are not natural guard dogs due to their calm, easygoing, and affectionate temperament. Instead, they are better suited as watchdogs for you, your home, and your property due to their purposeful bark and constant vigilance.

Now, you might be wondering, “what’s the difference between a guard dog and a watchdog?” These terms are often used interchangeably despite the crucial distinction that differentiates them.

What is the Difference Between a Watchdog and a Guard Dog?

Both watchdogs and guard dogs share the purpose of surveying their surroundings for any signs of suspicion; this might be a stranger on the property or an uncommon sound. When this occurs, both types will alert their owner with barks and growls. However, this is where the watchdog’s role stops.

Comparatively, a guard dog will stand their ground and even engage with a perceived threat if they deem necessary (hopefully, as a result of careful and purposeful training).

It is extremely uncommon for a Bernese Mountain Dog, even as a large breed dog, to feel the need to physically attack or chase away a threat. But this doesn’t mean your gentle giant is going to run for cover in the face of danger.

A Bernese Mountain Dog will certainly hold its ground and guard you against threats, but this is usually done through sheer intimidation. Typically, their loud bark and growling, paired with their large size, is enough to protect their owners and scare off undesirables.

Temperament Traits That Make Bernese Mountain Dog the Ideal Watch Dog

A far better role to assign any Bernese Mountain Dog is as your home’s watchdog since this is what they were naturally bred to do.

There are several reasons why Bernese Mountain Dogs are the ideal watchdog. They are a working breed that has a purposeful bark, meaning, as a breed, the Bernese Mountain Dog very rarely barks, and when it does, it’s for a good reason. If you hear your Bernese Mountain Dog barking up a storm at something, you should immediately assume they’ve identified something suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Another reason why the Bernese Mountain Dog breed is the epitome of watchdogs is because they are constantly vigilant, even when you think they’re distracted or napping. Pair this with the fact that they are a highly intelligent breed, and you have a dog that can easily discern the common neighborhood squirrel from a suspicious stranger.

The Bernese Mountain Dog also excels above other breeds as a watchdog because they are extremely calm and gentle with minimal exercise needs. Not only does this make them great family dogs that will protect and love your kids, but it also means they aren’t hypervigilant, so they don’t need excessive amounts of exercise to be level-headed enough to detect threats and won’t bark at everything that moves.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Aggressive?

A common trait that comes along with the best guard dog breeds is noticeable levels of aggression. While this can vary by the individual dog and the breed, it isn’t surprising that those specifically bred to guard and protect their owners tend to be a bit more aggressive than those bred more strictly as companions, like the Bichon Frise or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. So, where do the Bernese Mountain Dogs fall on the aggression scale?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are consistently deemed one of the least aggressive dog breeds in existence. They are gentle giants that are loyal and friendly to children, love companionship, and rarely display any negative emotions to strangers beyond general aloofness.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are the epitome of a Gentle Giant!  These dogs’ almost complete lack of aggression is one of the major reasons they are better suited to being watchdogs than guard dogs since they have overtly calm and often even lazy personalities. Most Bernese Mountain Dogs would much rather lay in the laps of their family and newcomers for endless pets than bark and chase them away.

In fact, Bernese Mountain Dogs are so tolerant of strangers that they are frequently used as search and rescue dogs, particularly in cold and snowy terrains.

Part of this is because they are a generally confident breed, and so, they aren’t easily frightened by new experiences or people; they’re merely vigilant.

Is the Bernese Mountain Dog good for first-time dog owners?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an impressive breed that provides families with a powerful sense of security. These gentle giants are incredibly devoted to their owners and make superb family protectors. As the ultimate first-time dog for new owners, the Bernese Mountain Dog’s loyalty, intelligence, and good nature mean it could fit into any home.

Known as an ideal companion due to its loveable personality and friendly demeanor, these majestic dogs have been known to bring out the best in kids. Moreover, they have such remarkable patience when interacting with children that parents can be rest assured their little ones will remain safe while playing around them.

Not only do they get along well with kids but also other pets in the household like cats or small animals like rabbits or hamsters.

Are Bernese Moutain Dogs Good with Kids?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their friendly and loyal nature, making them an ideal family protector. With a love of people, these four-legged friends can be excellent with kids too. They’re patient and gentle around small children, making them a great choice for first-time dog owners wanting to add a canine companion to the home.

Their size also works in their favor when it comes to being kid-friendly. At an average weight of 85 pounds, Bernese Mountain Dogs have enough mass to deter any potential threats from intruders but aren’t so large that they’d accidentally knock over or hurt smaller members of the household. Plus, they’re big on cuddles; you’ll never find your child without at least one furry friend by his or her side!

The best part about having a Bernese Mountain Dog as part of the family is their loving personality and willingness to protect everyone who lives within the household. Whether it’s playing fetch in the backyard or snuggling up on the couch during movie night, this breed will always have your back—especially when it comes to keeping your little ones safe and sound.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Protect Their Owners? Our Final Thoughts

If you’re considering adopting a dog to keep you company as well as safe, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is a fantastic choice as long as you aren’t relying on them to actually get physical with threats.  And if you wonder: Do Bernese Mountain Dogs protect their Owners?  The answer is a resounding Yes!  As one of the best watch dog breeds, you can rest assured this dog will give you ample notice any time something suspicious is around and will use its intimidating size and deep bark to frighten threats away.

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